Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tips for ill or handicapped writers

Old school writer's wheelchair.
There are a large number of online article writers who chose their career path due to a handicap or illness. Writing articles online can be worked around the schedules of ill or disabled individuals. It provides a way for elderly, disabled or handicapped individuals to earn a living. The online writing community also provides a way for the home bound to socialize. Writing with an illness or handicap can present some difficulties. Here are some work at home strategies that may help.
Give yourself regular breaks

Online article writers who are home bound due to an illness or handicap may not always have the stamina of other writers. Sitting at the computer may be tiring without frequent breaks. If you are an online article writer who has been struck with an illness, you may need to take breaks more frequently than you used to. It's alright to take breaks when needed. Treating yourself well is not a sign of weakness.

Fidget a bit

Sitting at the computer all day can be hazardous to even the healthiest of writers. If you are home bound, be sure to exercise while at your desk. Simple things like moving your feet and having a long stretch can help with circulation and dexterity. It's OK to fidget a bit or get up and walk every few minutes if you are able while writing.

Put your feet up

All online article writers should make this a regular practice. When sitting in a typical office chair, fluid can build up in your legs. Those who sit for a living are also more prone to blood clots. When coupled with certain illnesses and handicaps, this can be a double threat to your health. So be sure to put your feet up while writing as a life saving work at home strategy.

Watch out for snack temptations

The sedentary work day of an online article writer can lead to weight gain for those who don't watch what they eat. Snack on fruits and vegetables instead of high calorie junk food when you work at home. Most diseases and conditions worsen when you are overweight. Even if you are not ill or handicapped, watching out for snack temptations is vital to your health.

Stay hydrated and don't wait to medicate

It's easy to get carried away while writing and forget to stay hydrated or take your medications on time. Those who are ill may need more water than the average individual. Avoid the temptation to go past your medication time in order to finish up an article in the works. Keeping medication and water close at hand while writing is of utmost importance for online article writers battling an illness or handicap.

Keep reasonable work hours

Online article writers who are ill or handicapped may need to work shorter hours than those who are healthy. Once again, you should not look at this as a character flaw. Everyone works according to their own set of strengths and limitations. Knowing and respecting your own capabilities is a strength, rather than a weakness.

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