Thursday, December 4, 2014

Employers use social networking tools to “spy” on employees

Somebody's watching your Facebook page. It's your boss!
Today's employer can find information about applicants from their social networking tools websites. There are many questions employers are not legally allowed to ask in interviews. Not to worry, much information can be obtained from a Facebook page or Twitter account. Professional online writers often have both. What do your online profiles say about you that may not appeal to future employers?

Interviewees often hide their true identity from potential employers.
Many times a job candidate has excellent qualifications and credentials, but is impossible to work with due to personality issues or other problems in their personal life. Social networking tools can help to reveal the applicant's true goals in life.

Social networking tools should be used to show your best qualities.

Keep posts upbeat and positive. Avoid bashing other users when using social networking tools. Maintain a professional attitude. These websites can be very helpful in boosting your image if used properly. If you work online social networking tools are invaluable self promotion.

Social networking tools can draw potential customers to your website.

Friendships made while using social networking tools can also bring attention to a business through word of mouth. Use social networking tools to highlight your achievements, not to boost your sex life. Future employers are not interested in your measurements, and certainly won't be hiring anyone who posts such things on their pages.

When using social networking tools, always be cautious about revealing too much personal information.

Take care not to post character damaging photos or statements when using social networking tools. For your own safety and dignity, never post items of a sexual nature. In addition to ruining your reputation and your chances of being hired by a serious employer, this can be viewed by sexual predators and used against you.

The good part:

The knowledge that social networking tools are used by employers to screen applicants can be helpful as long as websites are used in a professional manner.

Don't be afraid of a little self promotion using social networking tools.

Always be honest in your posts. Avoid bragging about qualifications you don't possess. The truth always comes out eventually. Honesty is the best policy.

Social networking tools are becoming invaluable as more and more people work online.

Social networking websites aren't just for socializing any more. These sites, which used to be a dating nightmare, have been turned into valuable business tools. So be careful what you say online. The boss could be listening.

Portions of this article were previously published on a now closed Yahoo property.

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