Sunday, September 13, 2015

Are you a slave to your writing queue?

Don't let that nasty queue get to you!
Got a bunch of great beginnings and potential rewrites clogging up the old queue? Has it become a gloriously mundane task to keep up with them? Feel like you'll never clear your queue? Well, guess what? It just doesn't matter.

Your queue isn't going anywhere.

Right now, it isn't going anywhere because you're not doing anything with it. So what? So what if it never goes anywhere? So what if you never get through it? Will the world end? Will anyone but you know the difference? Then, stop stressing about it. (I know it would take years just to plug through mine, even if that's all I ever wrote.)

Writing can't be forced.

So, work on what you're feeling enthused about. Don't worry about those old articles from that now closed website unless there's one that suits your writing mood. Forget about those great beginnings to stories you'll never finish. Write what you want. Write what inspires you. Or, if you're under a deadline, write what gets you paid. That is, if deadlines work for you.

Personally, I don't do deadlines well.

They slow me down. I write what I want, when I want to write it. I used to be a slave, not only to my writing queue, but to a writing schedule and several demanding clients and websites. Sure, it paid the bills. Sure, it was necessary at the time. Or not.

Now that I ignore my queue....

Now that I write by mood, it's actually much more enjoyable. What else? I have full confidence that in time, it will also be more profitable. That's because, when it comes to writing, my mood shows. When I feel miserable and forced, my writing reflects that. I bet yours does too.

So, tell your queue to hop up on that shelf.

Just let it sit there until it serves your purpose. After all, who's in charge here? You or your queue? That's right. You are under no obligation to clear your queue except for the imaginary obligation you've invented for yourself. You don't have to clear your queue unless you feel like it. There, now doesn't that feel better?

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