Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Online Article Writers Tips - Avoid Stereotyping

Your articles should be as diverse as these carrots! (public domain photo)
What do I mean by avoiding stereotyping in online article writing? How can this widen your writing opportunities? Stereotyping comes in many forms. It could be the way you categorize yourself. Maybe it's the type of article you choose to write. Labeling your audience or your subject matter can effect your diversity as well. So, when I say, "Avoid stereotyping to widen your writing opportunities" it's an all encompassing statement, however ironic that may be.
Are you stereotyping yourself?

It's human nature to categorize. We put a name on things to make them real. Sometimes we are even guilty of naming ourselves. Learning and growing as a writer necessitates being able to reinvent yourself and change with the times. Getting stuck in the same groove may mean you just go around in circles, never really getting anywhere.

Are your articles diverse?

It's one thing to have a niche and another thing to fall into a habitual writing pattern. Stereotyping your articles can lead to readers losing interest in what you have to say. Not only that, it limits your writing opportunities in a big way. If you only write on one topic, new clients have no way of knowing how diverse you can be.
Do you always write for the same audience?

Stereotyping your audience hinders your continued success. How successful are companies who only cater to their regular customer base? To put it bluntly, eventually those customers either lose interest or pass away. In order to be a successful online article writer you must write for a diverse audience and continually bring in new customers.

Is your subject viewpoint slanted?

It's OK to be opinionated in online article writing. How do you express that opinion? If your entire article is a jaded view of your subject or main character it only serves to make you look foolish. On the other hand, if you present your article as a factual piece, interject your opinion at the end and clearly mark it as commentary, the article appeals to people with all different viewpoints.

Learning as you go nixes stereotyping.

If you are continually learning from your mistakes, you keep an open mind. Your articles will reflect that growth and maturity. On the other hand, if you stubbornly jam biased opinions down the throats of your readers, they may soon tire of your writing. I know my early articles clearly show me as a different type of person, because I was. Now that I've learned from my earlier mistakes, my writing is constantly changing. Now that I know to avoid stereotyping for continued growth, my transition will be smoother.

Portions of this article were originally published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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