Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Getting a life beyond writing

Fingers glued to the keyboard?  (Public domain photo)
Online article writers often struggle to find a life beyond writing. Social networking can become a cheap substitute for a social life. Although it's true that online friends can be very supportive, getting a life beyond writing is essential for your mental health. Taking a break from writing about life (to live your own life) is one of the best things an online article writer can do for themselves. Here are some work at home strategies I use on a daily basis. Getting a life beyond writing also gives online article writers something to write about.
Getting a life boosts writing ability

In order for online article writers to compose effective and interesting articles, they must have some experience in life. It's easy to separate writers with real life experience from those who have no knowledge of real life (outside of what they see on the internet or TV). They have no interjections to share, other than those mass media teaches us are the right attitudes. No personal insight, no controversy and no contrary opinions to offer. In a word, they're boring. Getting a life beyond writing gives online article writers something worth reading to write about.

9-5 and that's usually all folks

Most people begin a career in online article writing in order to spend more time with loved ones. Once that career takes off, they find writing takes up a very large portion of their day. A writers brain is like any other brain, it never shuts off. The problem is, that when a writer gets an idea in their head, they want to write about it. One of the hardest work at home strategies for online writers to follow is setting regular hours and sticking to them. Still, it's probably the most effective way of getting a life beyond writing. I'm not saying to nix all those great ideas you get from life when you're not on duty. Just make a note of them. You can write them during business hours or late at night when you can't sleep and loved ones are snoozing anyway.

Take the weekend

Do you remember the other reason you started working as an online article writer? I sure do. I wanted the weekend off. Every weekend. I wanted a job where if I was sick, I didn't have to explain it to anyone. I could simply crawl back in bed, pull the covers up over my head and get well. If you're not taking the weekend off, you should be. Too much writing to do? For heavens sake, just write more during the week. You know you're worth it. You deserve to get a life beyond writing. Your friends and family deserve to spend time with you. Take the weekend off for you and everyone else in your life.

Chained to the desk

I once sat at the desk writing so long that I forgot to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. My ankles were swollen, my rear end was sore and when I finally got up, I came very close to fainting. I had to clutch the walls to make it to the restroom. Those days are over. One of the best work at home strategies I have is a walk around the block between articles. Getting a life beyond writing is necessary during the writing day too. Walk around the neighborhood, get some fresh air and along with it, a fresh outlook on life and a clear head. All online article writers can benefit from getting a life beyond writing.

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