Thursday, August 4, 2016

Online writing tips – How to gain a reputation as an expert

Becoming an expert on your pet topic increases readership. Writing about your interests is probably the simplest way to build a reputation as an expert. Within your topic of interest is a vast library of information. Accessing this information on a daily basis can provide you with the material to become known as an expert in your field.

Repetitive research can make you an expert.
You may not know everything about your chosen subject. If you write about it enough, that could change. You probably remember how repetition helped you learn in grade school. Researching the same or similar subjects over and over gives you an informal education. As you do research to write your articles, you learn more and more until you are considered an authority.
Impeccable research will reinforce your expertise.

Just researching isn't enough to give you a good education in your subject matter. It's important to do quality research. Check to see that the sources you learn from are reliable and unbiased. Bad information does not constitute expertise. It just makes you look foolish and ill-informed.

A history of writing on specific topics can make you an expert.

As your writing history takes shape, your name will come up in searches for similar topics. That makes you an expert in the eyes of search engines. The more you write on a specific topic, the better your search value will be. If Mr. Smith from Washington DC searches for information on your pet subject, he'll soon see a vast array of articles by you. Voila! Instant expert.

Your article base can make you an expert.

What happens when someone goes to your page or website and types in a search for your pet topic? All your articles on that subject come up to stare them right in the face. In their eyes, you are an expert on that subject. You have the experience and background researching that subject that they are looking for. Now you become a reliable source.

Your readers might already consider you an expert.

Your regular readers know what you write about most. They learn to come to you first for answers on your favorite subject. They might even message you for advice. What happens when they do?

Give the best advice you can.

When people ask for advice, double check your research. Don't just rattle off the first piece of advice that comes to you. No way. Research the answers to people's questions just as if you were writing an article. Better yet, write a follow up article. That way they get the best advice possible and you get an education to further your expertise.

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