Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What is a writer?

I seem to be in a philosophical mood today.
Society often dictates the attachment of labels on things and even on people. So what classifies someone as a writer? To me, a writer is simply someone who writes. Whereas, society suggests that to be a writer or an author, one must first be published.

My opinion, for what it's worth, is that if one is inclined to write, enjoys it, has something or even nothing much to say and an urge to put their thoughts down on paper, that person is a writer. Now granted, I'm not much into lofty ideals. I could care less whether I am ever published. For me, it's about the pure train of thought that comes pouring from my brain and onto the paper.

I don't care much about perfect grammar, unless of course, whatever has been written is completely undecipherable.

I don't care much for using big words, either, even though I know a heck of a lot of them. No. I prefer that my writing be easily understood by anyone who cares to read it. After all, that is why one writes, isn't it?

Well, no. That's not why everyone writes, actually. Some people simply write for their own entertainment. That is, because they enjoy the act of writing. I pretty much lean in that direction, myself, although I do enjoy it more when someone reads my writing and enjoys it for whatever reason.

So there you go. I say that a writer is simply one who writes. Society dictates that in order to be classified as a writer (or author if you prefer the loftier term) one must be published. But honestly, they're all just words, you know,. We made them up.

So I guess they can mean whatever we choose them to.

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