Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Effective time management for online writers

Having a time schedule for writing may sound strange or silly to those new to the game. Writing online seems like a very easy going lifestyle to those who aren't in it. Those of us who have been at it for a few years or even a few months know better. There's so much more to consider when writing for a living than the writing itself.
Promoting your work is time consuming.
In fact, it takes just as much time as writing. It's not enough to post links on social networks when you first publish your work. If you want to be successful, you have to look for opportunities to promote your older work too. Expect to spend at least a couple hours daily just getting your links out there where people can see them. Plus, there's much more to it than that.
Leave time to support other online writers.

Since these people read your articles, it's only fair to read and promote theirs. Why focus on your own work all the time? It's certainly more interesting to hear other viewpoints and subjects than your own.

Social networking is vital.

Writing online often means being paid per click, ad view or page view. Obviously, it's very important to schedule time to promote articles through social networking. Still, the true value in social networking lies in creating friendships with fellow writers. Other writers are a great source of inspiration, tips, support and more.

Education keeps online writing quality in check.

Schedule time to learn more about producing articles that are well written and search engine optimized. Quality writing is the only writing that sells. Each day the online writer must schedule time to learn more about their craft. Online writing is just like any business in this respect. Writers must hone their skills if they wish to remain a member of the online writing community in good standing.

Consider your personal style and needs

When making up your writing schedule, consider the most important person in your day. It's you! Your writing habits, strengths and weaknesses all determine how you spend your writing day. For instance, I work better in the morning, early in the week, whereas, some of my writer friends work better in the midnight hours or under deadline pressure.

Personal considerations:

  • Where and when do you prefer to write?
  • Where and when are you most productive?
  • Do you work better alone or with plenty of company?
  • Is there a certain individual who invariably distracts you from writing?
Scheduling isn't just about you.

When my partner's home, I'd much rather spend time with him than write. So, I do my work when he's at his job. This has the added bonus of giving us both the same days off so we can spend more time together. Is there anything more annoying than having someone you're trying to spend time with occupied online? I think not. So, when you schedule your writing hours, keep the people who care about you in mind as well.