Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Online writing blunders – Spreading yourself too thin

Multitasking (public domain photo)
We've all heard experienced online writers advise against “putting all your eggs in one basket.” It's so true. Still, you don't need a hundred baskets to hatch your writing eggs. You just need a few sturdy ones. Are you spreading yourself too thin? How many clients, websites, blogs and books are floating around in your head? How many social networks do you belong to? All that clutter can create an atmosphere that impairs the quality of your writing.

Do you multitask well?

If not, taking on too many clients can have a devastating impact on your writing and your mental health. Let's face it, the brain is your best writing tool. When you're a single focus writer, forcing yourself to multitask is a bad idea. Your strength lies in your ability to focus intently on the task at hand. Respect that fact. It will show in your writing.

Multitasking writers aren't super-human.

Proud of the fact that you can handle multiple assignments at once? Flying high in the world of online writing? Congratulations! Just don't be so quick to add more. Being selective is an important tool for multitasking writers too. In fact, it may be even more important when you're used to going at top speed.

Don't speed through the stops.

Every train has to stop to refuel. Don't be ashamed to pull the cord when necessary. Clients count on you to handle a large and varied workload. That's admirable. Just remember, overworked writers are no different than any other overworked employee. They make more mistakes, catch fewer of them and are generally unpleasant to be around.

Blow your horn gently.

Some writers have the ability to do 50 things at once. They have no problem telling everyone about it. Their claims may very well be true. Still, it doesn't make them very endearing, does it? Plus, you have to wonder about the quality of their work. Picture a piece of bubblegum stretched to the max. It's so full of holes, using it is impossible. You won't get a good bubble out of it no matter how hard you blow.

Be choosy.

There's a fine line between having enough clients and having too many. Choosing a few quality clients or venues to write for:

*Narrows your focus.
*Cuts down on internal distractions.
*Allows full concentration
*Increases quality.

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