Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Take deadlines seriously

Deadlines are detrimental (public domain)
Whether in work or in life you should always keep your promises. If you're an online article writer, take your deadlines seriously. Realize there is a reason for the deadline. People are waiting for you. You're clogging up the works. It's not fair to complain about delays in payment or other issues if you're not even getting your work done on time. What are you waiting for? Get typing.
Don't bite off more than you can chew.

This saying is certainly applicable to online article writing. Just because you have knowledge about all the assignments, doesn't mean you should claim them. Pay close attention to the deadline of each assignment. Do you have time to get them all done? Will it be your best work? If not, don't even claim them.

Stick to familiar subject matter.

You know what you write best. What is the subject matter of your assignment? Is it right up your writing alley or destined to be a gutter ball? Keeping deadlines is easier when something is within your area of expertise. If the subject matter is way over your head or out in left field somewhere, it might be best not to accept it. That is, unless you're feeling up to a challenge. After all, there's certainly nothing wrong with expanding your horizons.

Don't clog up the works.

When you're given an assignment, be sure you complete it in a timely manner. Maybe your content manager has a deadline of their own to meet. Maybe your online article writing assignment is part of a series they were called on to assemble. When your article is late, it puts everyone else behind as well. Surely, you have more respect for your fellow writers than that.

Show further consideration and respect.

If you want to earn respect as an online article writer, you must make a sincere effort to meet deadlines. Doing so will earn the approval of your clients, editors and content managers. That means you'll be topmost in their minds when the next assignments come up. In other words, assignments are given to those who honor their commitments and promises.

There's more to it.

Of course, there is more to meeting deadlines than having your work in on time. It has to be quality work. It also has to be what the content manager requested. It's OK to narrow your topic or take a new angle. Just don't change the article so much, it isn't what was requested anymore. As an online article writer you must remember that meeting deadlines means producing a quality article, on time and meeting the specifications of the assignment.

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