Monday, March 28, 2016

Choose your writing venues wisely

It's more important than you think!

Whether you write for online or print publications, choosing your writing venues wisely simply makes sense. What kind of writer are you? Do you enjoy working at your own pace or following guidance from another? When does your best work happen? What are your goals and interests? Are you character driven, agenda driven or dollar driven? All these factors and more determine the type of writing venue you should be contributing to. Choose your venues carefully to avoid regrets.

Some venues are deceiving.

The general feel of the venue should suit you. However, there is much more to it than that. While you may be a liberal, all liberal sites are not created equal. Some have a more pacifist tone. Others are constantly up in arms. There's nothing worse than starting to write for someone and having to leave abruptly after discovering their sentiments don't match yours as well as you thought.

Don't bash the venue.

Some writers, when leaving a site will bad-mouth it for months. They just can't let their disappointment go. Somehow, it's easier for them to be critical of the business than admit it was simply a bad fit for them.

By doing this, they accomplish nothing but to tarnish their own reputation. Every venue has it's good and bad points. If you find a site that doesn't meet your needs, it's best to leave peacefully. Move on to something that works better for you. Leave your mistakes in the past.

Are you agenda/cause driven?

I don't mean this in a bad way. Many of us have high moral standards. There's nothing wrong with that. Others have causes they promote that don't jive with certain writing venues. For instance, since I'm an animal lover, I wouldn't be writing articles for a hunting magazine. It goes deeper than that, though.

I once wrote for an earth friendly sustainable living magazine. Unfortunately, they occasionally featured articles on raising animals for food, something I oppose as a Vegan. They were also great supporters of the NRA. While I believe in the right to bear arms, I disagree with many of the extreme right ideals the NRA supports.

You can't dig too deep when researching the venues you work for if you want your work to be a reflection of your ideals.

Workaholic multitasking fool or not so much?

Some venues really make you earn your money. Now, don't get me wrong, there are writers that thrive on the maddening hustle and bustle, strict deadlines and constant game plan changes. Others prefer to go at their own pace and create their own topics.

To each his own is what I'm saying here. If you're an adrenaline junkie, go for it. Go balls out for the money with no regard for the amount of work it takes to earn it. If not, relax and write what you love. You might just discover that the money is good on the peaceful side of the fence too.

Suit yourself, not your homies.

Some writers make the mistake of choosing a venue according to the recommendation of colleagues alone. Remember, we all have different needs. Something that works out splendidly for a co-worker, may not be suitable for you. Writing is just like any other job. Choose the right company based on your own needs and interests, not someone else's.

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