Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Humble writing reflections on a snowy day

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Snowy days are perfect for doing major re-writes on old, terribly written and formatted articles. Listening to the wind blow while watching the flakes pile up is somehow very calming. There's no pressure to go anywhere or do much of anything. That fact lends a little more patience to my writing process so that I can deal with all my past mistakes with slightly less frustration.

It's a real eye opener sometimes to see how much improvement you've made since day one of being published. Makes you wonder why they even accepted some of it. Ha! I mean, I really have to dig into some of these. Once I'm done, some of them are barely recognizable as rewrites. That's OK. In fact, it's more than OK. Getting those awful first articles offline and putting up new and improved work is better for my writing reputation.

That being said, I did have some great ideas back then in the land of mental freshness. Just didn't get them across as well as I can now. In fact, sometimes going through my older stuff helps get my writing blood pumping. It's been so long since I wrote some of these articles and posts that I've completely forgotten them.

I also love adding new experience or new slants to my old articles. It really makes them “pop” as they say. Sometimes, if I'm in a particularly peaceful mode, I can get several article ideas from just one old, crappy article. But that's not all.

The funniest thing is, it gets me wondering if, in the future, the ones I write now will seem just as elementary as those oldies but baddies to me. I bet they will. Because, as writers, we never really stop growing, do we?

Anyway, it sure is a relaxing day. Just sitting here waiting out the storm and working on posts long forgotten. Pulling those old relics from the grave and making them new again. Isn't rebirth glorious?

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