Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Best way to make money writing online – a brief reminder

Choose your weapon!
It's not a big secret. Most online writers know it's true. A small percentage actually do it. What is it? It's the best way to make money writing online. You can read all the tip articles in the universe. You can attend virtual seminars. 

You can social network until you're blue in the face and your hemorrhoids have you reaching new heights. You can hole yourself up like a hermit to study SEO, LSI, all the while minding your P's and Q's.You can study all the latest theories and methods known to man.

You won't make any money after all that, unless you do the one thing that makes you all the money you need while writing online. So what is it? What's the big secret? Why is Jaipi beginning to sound like a bad infomercial? 

Well, it's because, if I put the secret in the first paragraph, you can see it in the description, thereby eliminating the need for you to click on my article.

And the secret is: Write your butt off!

Yup, you have to write and WRITE A LOT in order to make money writing online. If you sit on Facebook all day, jabbering away, there is no payout. You might as well get paid for all your ranting and raving by putting it into a reader friendly, clickable, money-making form. OK, so why are you still here? You know the secret.

Now write!

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