Thursday, October 27, 2016

Keeping ego out of your online writing

Just admit it, you're no Shakespeare anyway. LOL
If you're like me, you're not too fond of snobbish, perfectionist writers. Now, I have my pet causes, my pet peeves and my long winded rants, for sure. Don't we all? That's not what I'm talking about when I use the term “egotistical” in reference to writers.

I'm talking about those writers who are constantly trying to impress you with their big brains. I usually get about three sentences into their articles and click off. I know all the big words. Language Arts are kind of my thing, you know? I even read actual books sometimes. (Gasp!)

I just don't like those big words shoved down my throat like a spoonful of unwanted peas. Yes, even if I like the peas. And I'm not the only one.

One of the first things I learned about writing online has served me well consistently over the years. What is it? Write on an eighth grade level. Now, that's not because your readers are stupid. It's because they don't have time for your silly, self centered, big worded, headache promoting, requires too much thought for the time they have passages.

Sorry if that offended anyone. It's natural to try to impress with your writing. I do it myself on occasion. Maybe I'm doing it now, to a certain extent. Still, the whole point of online writing is to entertain and/or provide an answer to your reader's questions, not to rival Shakespeare. Online readers are looking for a chuckle or quick answers in an easily understood format. That's it.

The point is that your readers don't care how eloquent you are. They just want to skim your article, find the information they came for and move on. Leave your inflated ego out of it if you want to be read. Simply put, it's not that tough to write for an online audience. Pomp and circumstance aren't really necessary here.

Just be easy to read and you'll be read!


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