Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bye bye Facebook, hello more writing – Conversing with myself

Me : Are you guilty of writing long Facebook posts or preaching about your pet peeves on Facebook (ie, driving everyone nuts?)

- Why yes, I am. How did I know?

Me: How much time do you spend doing that?

- Oh about 3 hours a day. Is that bad?

Me: How about those tweets? How many do you do a day?

- Um.... I'd rather not think about it.

Me: How much money do your ranting posts and tweets make you?

- They make me exactly Jack-diddly-squat

(That's a saying of my Dad's. You know what it means? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.)

Me: So here's an idea. Stop ticking off all your Facebook friends with those sarcastic posters and your silly long winded posts.Write something on those topics. Put it where it can make you some money. Brilliant, right?

- But what about my friends? What if I want to share those thoughts with my friends?

Me: Duh, post a link.

- Oh... Right.

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