Monday, August 18, 2014

Analyze your writing content for fit

Check your writing well to see if it suits you. (public domain photo)
Are you struggling as an online article writer? Your content shouldn't be forced. You might consider analyzing your content. First, concentrate on the articles you are struggling with. Are they within your area of expertise? Are you interested in the subject matter? Does the article fit your writing genre? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment for having written it? No? Maybe you need to analyze your favorite writing content. What is it about these other articles that suits you so well?
Your area of expertise

It's always easier to write within your area of expertise. Analyzing your writing content to find your talents and strengths can provide some clues. Some online article writers don't even realize they have a niche until they analyze their content. That's when a pattern begins to emerge. Usually, you will find your favorite articles (and the simplest ones to write) are those within your area of expertise.

Subject matter

As online article writers, we also write well on side subjects of interest. When you analyze your content, you might see a correlation between articles. When I recently analyzed my content, I was surprised at the number of articles I have written on the subject of writing. Later, I realized that the subject matter mirrored my other interests. I have an interest in human behavior and psychology which was reflected in my writing advice.


I recently confided to another writer that I do much better writing evergreen content than news articles. It comes more easily to me. Every online article writer has a type of article that suits them better. When analyzing your content, you might see that most of your articles are news, evergreen content or maybe reviews. Knowing what you are good at is helpful for more than one reason. First of all, these are the articles you can produce quickly with little or no effort. Secondly, it alerts you to areas you need improvement in.


Every writer has a mission in mind. Mine is to help people. When I analyze my writing content, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Much of what I write falls under the category of helpful advice. When you analyze your writing content, see if it fulfills your purpose. If not, think about writing a different type of article. One that gives you a sense of self and direction

Which articles make you happy?

When you analyze your writing content, which articles make you feel happy? This is the type of article and subject matter you should be writing. You will find your writing day goes much smoother once you find your writing purpose. Try not to base your decision monetarily. You began writing for a reason. Be the kind of writer you were always meant to be. The money will follow.

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