Monday, August 18, 2014

Dedication pays - Ignore the naysayers and write!

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Dedication pays. If you like what you're doing, don't pay attention to the naysayers. Online article writing is just like any other job in some respects. There will be those who doubt your capabilities in any line of work. Dedication pays. It's one of the basic principles of business. It works for high paying executives. It can work for online article writers as well. Nobody likes a whiner. Everybody loves a dedicated, hardworking employee.
The writing community

Most online writing websites have a forum or other venue for the writing community. If not, you will likely have friends on Facebook or other social networks who write on the same sites you do. Quite often (either in the forum or when social networking) you will hear the naysayers and whiners spouting off about some problem or other. Rather than joining in the negativity, post a brief helpful message and leave it at that. Then go back to your work. Dedication pays.

Work more than chat

It's very tempting for online article writers to get caught up in social networking. Being online is their job. There is also a certain amount of satisfaction that comes from helping others. It's easy to become everyone's hero. Unfortunately this sometimes causes you to fall behind in your own work or have less time for family and friends. It's better to remember that dedication to your work and your family pays. Be helpful, but don't neglect your work and personal obligations in the process.

Give them what they want

Hard work and dedication will earn you the respect of the venue you write for. It's true that most online article writers are freelance writers. Technically, you're not an employee of the company you write for. That doesn't mean you don't have to cater to their needs. Giving the website you work for the type of material they need is wise. It will make them more likely to offer you more assignments in the future.

Stick to it

Online article writing doesn't mean just sitting at the keyboard, typing a bunch of nonsense and gorging yourself on bonbons. It's hard work. There is research to be done. There are facts to verify. Your work has to be checked and rechecked for errors. You have to follow the rules. You have to know what you are doing in this business if you expect anyone to read your content. Lastly, you have to know how to promote yourself. Dedication pays. If you like what you're doing, ignore the naysayers and get on the job. Your online article writing success depends on it.

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