Monday, August 18, 2014

Share your writing goals

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Why should online article writers share their goals? What does that mean exactly? Online article writers may find it difficult to focus on their goals. Being your own boss means you must motivate yourself to get things done. Sharing writing goals with fellow writers helps you do just that. Online article writers are more likely to carry through with their plans when others have been told about them. Sharing your goals is easy with social networking.
The forums

Most online article writers belong to one or more writing forums. Sharing your goals in the forums may help you stick to them. By posting your goals, you might encourage other writers to do the same. You will also feel more obligated to carry through with your plans. Better yet, why not issue a challenge to your fellow online article writers?


Challenges to other online article writers might include writing a certain number of articles per day, week or month. You could share an article idea and see what each writer comes up with on that particular subject. Striving for earnings together is another way for online article writers to achieve their goals.

Social networking

Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites are excellent venues for online article writers. Why not take your social networking one step further? Don't just use it to promote your work. This is no time to be shy. Let all your friends (whether or not they are writers) know your writing goals. Sharing your goals all your Facebook, Twitter or Stumble friends makes you more likely to follow through.


Lets not overlook one of the best places to share your writing goals (in your articles and blogs). If you have the freedom to write and publish at will, why not take advantage of it? Publishing an article or blog outlining your goals means you have to back it up with action. Why? As an online article writer you have an obligation to build a positive reputation for yourself. That means standing behind your work.

Friends and family

Your friends and family are always there when you need them. They can also be your worst critics. If you share your goals with them, they will be sure to expect you to follow through. Be ready to answer questions about your progress on a regular basis. Online article writers who share their goals with friends and family, fellow writers and social networking friends are more likely to follow through with their plans.

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