Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Are you writing for the right venue?

Is your writing day a blur? (public domain photo)
How do online article writers know if they're writing for the right venue? There are a multitude of them to choose from. You can write for a content website, do work for private clients and even ghost write. Some online article writers do best with current events. Others excel at evergreen content. With so many choices, no wonder we find ourselves running in circles at times. Are you writing for the venue that's right for you?
The brick wall

If you find yourself running up against a brick wall all too frequently, you may be writing for the wrong website. It could be that your personal style just doesn't fit their requirements. Maybe you have an issue with the way they conduct business. Maybe they have an issue with your writing. Whatever the problem, try to work it out. Meanwhile expand your horizons.

New horizons

How do you know if you're writing for the right venue if you haven't explored other options? The safest way to do this is to write for several different websites and a few private clients. Think about which are more profitable. Which do you enjoy more? Which fits your writing style better or provides you with the most opportunity for advancement?

Moving on

Once you have firsthand experience writing for different venues, it should be easier to choose the one that works out best for you. Some online article writers choose to write for several websites. Some choose just one. Personally, I feel it's best not to put all your eggs in one basket, unless it's a really big basket. I enjoy writing mainly for Yahoo! Contributor Network, but I keep my options open and active.

What online article writers want

When choosing a venue or website, try to keep in mind what drew you to online article writing in the first place. If it was the flexibility, creative outlet or freedom you might want to work for a website where you can publish what you want, when you want, with little structure. If it was for the money, you might want to choose the most profitable, regardless of structure. Maybe you like to remain anonymous. If so, ghost writing may be the venue for you.

The choice

Keep in mind, the choice is yours. If you're unhappy with one venue, try another. Nothing is ever accomplished by constant complaining. Remember, one online article writers favorite venue could be the wrong place for the next guy to hang his hat. It's all a matter of what works for the individual. Are you writing for the right venue? Are you both better off without each other? Taking the time to think about it is well worth the effort.

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