Monday, August 18, 2014

Writing with a baby in the house

Perhaps big sis can help with baby? (public domain photo)
Many parents choose an online article writing career so they can stay home to raise their children. Having a newborn baby in the house is a challenge even without a writing career. Your child must always take priority over anything else in your life. Still, there are simple things you can do to make life easier and allow yourself time to write with a baby in the house.
Bassinet in office

You need time for article writing if you expect to be paid. A newborn baby requires constant attention. Whether you are feeding, changing or just monitoring their well being, they should be close to you. Keeping a bassinet in your office can save you steps and give you more time to write. A simple glance can tell you baby is alright with the bassinet in your work at home office.
Keep supplies close

The bassinet isn't the only thing you should keep close at hand with a baby in the house. Your online article writing career will go much smoother if you keep all the supplies you need for baby in your office while you are writing. So make room in your office for baby's things. You can even purchase a mini fridge for formula or breast milk storage.

They nap / You work

Take advantage of baby's naps to get some writing done. If you are too tired from balancing your career with a newborn baby, take a nap yourself. You will be a better article writer when you are alert and happy. Consider asking a family member to watch the baby occasionally so you can write as well.

Use your lap

The baby wants to be held and your article deadline is one hour from now. There is nobody else available to watch the baby. What do you do? Online article writers in this situation can do what every mother does; multitask. Simply hold your baby on your lap with one hand and type with the other hand. Baby is happy and you meet your deadline.

Use your family

Perhaps one of them can mind the baby for a little while while you work?

Keep regular hours

Online article writers with a baby in the house may be tempted to write after hours. It does work occasionally. A better work at home strategy is to keep regular hours and allow yourself proper rest. Remember to always put your baby's needs ahead of your writing. One of your baby's needs is a healthy, stress free parent who can care for them properly. Online article writing gives you the freedom to care for your children while earning a living but you must take care of yourself as well.

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