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Anticipate opposition to your opinion piece to avoid stress

Be ready for, but unaffected by negativity. (Copyright Jaipi Sixbear 2011)
Preparing for and anticipating opposition is a stress-free solution to the anxiety that comes from comments on your controversial articles. Writing opinion and editorial articles can be a lucrative proposition. Controversy is very good for page views. 
Many online article writers stay away from revealing their opinion. They adopt a neutral approach. This is either out of fear of retribution or hesitation to reveal their opinion. When you anticipate opposition to an opinion piece, there are things you can do to stave off angry reactions.
Present both sides.

One of the best ways for online article writers to anticipate opposition is to research the other side of the argument. Make it clear that you are aware of the evidence supporting the opposition. Present the other side of the argument, as well as your own. Show their evidence, then explain why you feel the evidence is misleading or false. If the evidence for the other side is true, explain why you feel justified in your opinion, despite that evidence.

Do your research.

Online article writers should present an airtight case when writing opinion pieces. Leave very little room for argument. State facts that back up your opinion. Be sure your sources are irrefutable. Provide links to them when possible and applicable. Think about what arguments the opposition might have. Blow those arguments out of the water with a good offense.

Don't be shy.

A good opinion piece is bold and unashamed. Don't be shy about stating your opinion. It would be impossible for every human being on the face of the earth to agree completely on any given subject. Opposing viewpoints are not merely anticipated. Online article writers should welcome criticism. It gives a new perspective and helps with defense strategies.

Value opposing comments.

One of the hardest things for some online article writers to deal with is angry comments from people with opposing viewpoints. Personally, I welcome them. Here's why. The angrier a commenter is, the more likely that person is to tell their friends about your article. They may think they are making you angry with their biting words. In fact, angry comments are the bread and butter of online article writers.

Your article is your response.

If you have stated your opinions clearly, avoid the temptation to argue in the comment section. Just sit back and watch the comments fly. Don't be angry at hostile comments. Allowing the opposition free rein to vent shows integrity and confidence. Joining in the fray only serves to make you look defensive. So go ahead and write those opinion pieces. Back them with fact. Anticipate and prepare for opposition. Bring it on. Let the naysayers have their heyday. It makes for a healthy paycheck.

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