Monday, August 18, 2014

Attitude is everything - Let yours light the path to success

Let your writing attitude shine! (public domain photo)
As an online article writer, you'll encounter many obstacles. How you face those obstacles is a hundred times more important than whether you succeed or fail. The right attitude can take you far. The wrong attitude will bring you down in a heartbeat. You may notice that some online article writers never seem to be satisfied, while others take it on the chin and keep plugging away. Who do you think has the most success? Who has more potential for future advancement? Attitude is everything, whether you are an online article writer or employed in another profession.
No whining

I once had a friend who pinned a no whining button to her car visor. She was just that tired of all the negativity she had to encounter on a daily basis. How many times have you heard another writer whine about the lack of assignments they are handed? Then there are those who panic every time the website they write for goes down due to maintenance or high volume. There are even some who threaten legal action whenever a new policy goes into effect. They never stop to consider that the powers that be are probably many times more frustrated than they are. You will get much further ahead in your writing career with a positive outlook and attitude. Your co-workers will appreciate your patience as well.


Believe it or not, as an online article writer, you have the power to influence many people. Media is the force that leads the people of the world. Do you doubt it? Can you tell me one sentence of the President said in his last speech? I'm betting the answer is no. On the same note, I bet you can recite as least one fast food jingle from beginning to end. (Tell me again, what percentage of Americans are overweight?) How will you influence future generations with your writing? Adopting a positive attitude with your writing is not only good for your future success, it's good for the success of your readers.

Attitude dancing

Some of you who grew up "back in the day" might remember a song by the name of Attitude 
Dancing. I'll spare the rest of you the details. It wasn't a very good song. The point is that in order to do the attitude dance, the only thing you did was find a pose you liked, turn it around 180 degrees and change your attitude. Writing with a positive attitude is quite a bit like dancing with attitude. You don't have to change your style or compromise your integrity. By simply changing your attitude, you change your likelihood of success.

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