Monday, August 18, 2014

Increase your writing income using the 10 V's

V is for.... (public domain photo)
Sometimes it's interesting to discover where the idea for an article comes from. Take this article. This morning I started my day thinking about how to increase my income. As I pondered the ways I could make my online article writing pay higher monetarily, I came to a realization. Most of the ways online article writers do this begin with the letter V.

If no one can find your work, no one can read it. Get the word out about your article. Promote it. Link to it. Post it on Facebook. Tweet it. The more visible an online article writers work is, the more it will be read. You are your best promoter.


For online article writers, producing volume is one of the simplest ways to increase your income. By this, I do not mean producing millions of substandard pieces of content. We are talking about quality as well. Write often and well to increase your odds of monetary gain.


Finding your voice is essential for online article writers. If you want to increase your writing income, you will have to strike a chord with your readers. Have a distinct, likeable style. A writing voice can be pleasant or unpleasant, just like a speaking voice. Be the writer people enjoy reading.


Success as an online article writer requires vitality in everything you do. You must be passionate about your chosen profession. Take a positive approach to writing. Support your fellow writers. Inject positive energy into your writing. It will act as a beacon to draw readers to your work.


Writing varied content is something all online article writers can benefit from. Not only does it increase your income, it makes you a well read, interesting individual. The more varied your subject matter, the more educated you become. It also increases your odds of page views.

Viral potential

How do you know which of your online articles has viral potential? One way is to write on popular search subjects. Check popular searches on Yahoo! daily. Go to Google Trends and Google News to see what people are talking about and what's in the news. Write what interests you, based on these sources. Viral articles keep your page views spiking, while evergreen content keeps them steady.

Virtual references

Using virtual references in your title really keeps those page views up. Some of my best performing articles have popular websites or venues, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter in the title. Online article writers increase their income by paying attention to where people go online.


How are your articles worded? Do you use proper grammar and punctuation? Nothing can defeat your purpose faster than bad spelling, grammar or word usage. Can anyone read your articles, or are they just for rocket scientists? The internet is a venue for people from all walks of life. Make sure they can all understand your online articles. This is no place for snobbery.

Valuable information

Your online article will get very few page views if no one cares about the subject matter. Think about what you would likely search. Answer your own questions. Provide valuable information on commonly searched subjects. Think of online article writing as providing a service to web surfers. This one tip will increase your income greatly.

Vivid imagery

Your title should convey exactly what your article is about. It should also include the angle or point it is making. Any photos you use on your articles should represent the article, or a point you make in the article. They should grab the attention of readers in a concise and honest manner. Start using the 10 V's of online article writing today to increase your income. You'll be a page view millionaire before you know it.

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