Monday, August 18, 2014

How to be both a tourist and a writer

Don't forget to have fun! (public domain photo)
Online article writers often turn their vacations into one or several articles or slide shows. Every experience is a learning experience. Likewise, every experience is an article waiting to be written. When the online article writer goes on the road, he or she is both tourist and writer. How can you be a tourist and a writer at the same time? How can the online article writer enjoy his or her vacation and still come up with quality travel articles?
Take notes

Tuck a notepad and pen inside your shirt pocket or purse. Rather than missing out on the action, simply stop from time to time to jot down notes about the place you are visiting. This way, you enjoy your time as a tourist, while still gathering useful information for your article. If you're traveling with family, they will be less resentful of your writing career as well.

Grab brochures

Sometimes we online article writers tire of taking notes excessively. We want to enjoy the road trip and forget about work for a while. Grabbing brochures for later reference is an alternative to taking notes. You can leaf through brochures to remind you of points of interest and your experiences. Brochures also contain vital information such as driving directions, admission prices and hours of operation.

Bring a camera

Online article writers should always carry a camera. Pictures, slide shows and videos bring your words to life when writing about tourist attractions. Slide shows and videos can stand on their own merit as well. Be sure to bring extra batteries for your camera. This work at home on the road strategy can help you write well rounded illustrated articles.

Stop and smell the flowers

Probably the most important thing online article writers can do on vacation is stop and smell the flowers. In other words, don't forget to have fun. If you are constantly taking notes and snapping pictures, you will have no personal experiences to write about. Personal experience is what gives travel articles their individuality. So have fun on vacation. With these work at home road trip tips, you can sort out the details of your articles later.

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