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How to be self motivated as a writer

Writing close to nature can be motivating. (Copyright Jaipi Sixbear 2010)
Self motivation is a must for online article writers. Yes, we have deadlines. Yes, we have obligations. Yes, we have a pile of assignments ten miles high. What we don't have is a boss breathing down our necks. Thank goodness! Still, we do have to stay on track.

I often have people ask me how I remain self motivated. If I were to be completely honest, I would have to say some days I have zero motivation. Those are the days I take off. Of course, that means I have to be super self motivated to make up for lost time. Which brings us right back to the point. How do online article writers stay motivated?
Give yourself rewards.

I like to give myself a little reward each time I complete an article. It may sound silly, but I deserve it. Most of the time, it's a walk in the fresh air. It might be a cup of hot tea. It could even be a a nap. These small rewards keep me on track. They give me motivation to get the job done. I also try to keep the big rewards in mind when I write. Things like the fact that I'm not doing the old 9-5 any more.

Remind yourself of the past.

Remember your old job? Better yet, remember your old boss? Online article writers can stay on track by reminding themselves what they used to do before this opportunity came along. Whatever the writing struggle (whether it be a glitch, writers block or just a tough assignment) it has to be better than what you were doing before.

Find a financial reason.

What are your financial goals? Are you trying to build residual retirement income with your online article writing? Maybe it's just spending money. Is this how you pay for Christmas every year? Maybe you have a specific goal, like taking your hubby on a cruise or second honeymoon. Keep a picture of your financial goals on the wall in front of you or on your desk. Whenever you feel distracted, focus on it.

Picture this.

Focus on your family, too. Pictures of loved ones on your writing desk can be very motivational. When I find myself drifting out of focus, I glance at a picture of my boyfriend. This man works his tail off so I can be semi-retired. Thanks to him, I finally have a home of my own. Thanks to him, I'm surrounded by the people I love. When I think of what he does for me on a daily basis, I want to help him back by working my hardest too.

Write with purpose.

Whether you realize it or not, your writing fills a void in your life. If it didn't, you wouldn't be doing it. Often my motivation comes from the great feeling of helping others. You might have noticed that I give a lot of advice when I write. I can't help it. It's what I do best. All online article writers are in this for a purpose. What's your purpose? Use it as motivation to get the job done and stay on track.

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